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Siberian ginseng is LIKELY SAFE for most adults when taken by mouth, short-term. While side effects are rare, some people can have drowsiness, changes in heart rhythm, sadness, anxiety, muscle spasms, and other side effects. In high doses, increased blood pressure might occur. Siberian ginseng is POSSIBLY SAFE for most adults when taken by mouth, long-term, or when injected intravenously by IV short term. Siberian ginseng has been taken by mouth in combination with rehmannia, calcium, and vitamin D for up to one year. Siberian ginseng has been injected by IV for up to 2 weeks. Do not keep outdated medicine or medicine no longer needed.

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DuGan CR, Cardaciotto PS. Reduction of ammoniacal urinary odors by the sustained feeding of cranberry juice. Kosten, T. R. Traditional medicine in the treatment of drug addiction. Costa A. Tamoxifen trial in healthy women at risk of breast cancer. Lancet. Ragsdale, F. R. Human glycemic response and phenolic content of unsweetened cranberry juice.

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Parkinson's disease. Early research suggests that taking a combination supplement containing silymarin, a chemical found in milk thistle, improves mental function and promotes disease stabilization in people with Parkinson's disease. The symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment for each are different. Take each Boniva tablet with a full glass 6 to 8 ounces of water. Use only plain water not mineral water when taking a tablet. Adam HK, Douglas EJ, Kemp JV. The metabolism of tamoxifen in humans. Biochem Pharmacol.

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Not all side effects for Clomid may be reported. You should always consult a doctor or healthcare professional for medical advice. Sun HD, Qiu SX, Lin LZ, et al. Nigranoic acid, a triterpenoid from Schisandra sphaerandra that inhibits HIV-1 reverse transcriptase. Chromatogr. 6-17-2005; View abstract.

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This Medication Guide reviews the risks and benefits of using Nolvadex to reduce the chance of getting breast cancer in high-risk women and women with DCIS. This guide does not discuss the special benefits and decisions for people who already have breast cancer. Zgorka, G. and Kawka, S. Application of conventional UV, photodiode array PDA and fluorescence FL detection to analysis of phenolic acids in plant material and pharmaceutical preparations. J Pharm Biomed Anal. Baranov, A. I. Medicinal uses of ginseng and related plants in the Soviet Union: recent trends in the Soviet literature. Erlund I, Marniemi J, Hakala P, et al. Consumption of black currants, lingonberries and bilberries increases serum quercetin concentrations. Phillips DH, Venitt S. Safety of prophylactic tamoxifen. Lancet. Howell AB, Vorsa N, Foo LY, et al. Inhibition of the Adherence of P-Fimbriated Escherichia coli to Uroepithelial-Cell Surfaces by Proanthocyanidin Extracts from Cranberries letter. Deak, G. Effect of free radical scavengers on superoxide dismutase SOD enzyme in patients with alcoholic cirrhosis. Acta Med Hung. Koda, A. The effect of gomisin A on immunologic liver injury in mice.

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Effect of Silibinin on biliary lipid composition. Experimental and clinical study. J Hepatol. Powles T, Eeles R, Ashley S et al. Interim analysis of the incidence of breast cancer in the Royal Marsden Hospital tamoxifen randomised chemoprevention trial. Lancet. During breast-feeding, fennel is POSSIBLY UNSAFE. Murch SJ, Simmons CB, Saxena PK. Melatonin in feverfew and other medicinal plants. Prostate cancer. Prostate-specific antigen PSA is a protein in the blood that can be measured to diagnose and monitor prostate cancer. Early research suggests that taking a supplement containing silymarin, soy isoflavones Novasoy, ADM lycopene Lyc-O-Mato, LycoRed Natural Products Industries, Ltd. Hsu, F. L. Hypoglycemic effect of syringin from Eleutherococcus senticosus in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats. Vries JH, Hollman PC, van Amersfoort I, et al. Red wine is a poor source of bioavailable flavonols in men. The information contained herein is not intended to cover all possible uses, directions, precautions, warnings, drug interactions, allergic reactions, or adverse effects. If you have questions about the substances you are taking, check with your doctor, nurse, or pharmacist. If you vomit shortly after taking a dose of tamoxifen, check with your doctor. You will be told whether to take the dose again or to wait until the next scheduled dose. Siberian ginseng might slow blood clotting. Romm A. Nutrition's 2000 Guide to Children's Supplements. keflex

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The active substance is tamoxifen citrate. Goda, Y. Authentication of the traditional medicinal plant Eleutherococcus senticosus by DNA and chemical analyses. HCG is given as an injection under the skin or into a muscle. If you use HCG at home, your doctor, nurse, or pharmacist will give you specific instructions on how and where to inject this medicine. Do not self-inject HCG if you do not fully understand how to give the injection and properly dispose of used needles and syringes. Foeniculum vulgare on common foodborne pathogens. J Agric. Tenchova, V. Peripheral blood changes in Eleutherococcus pretreated mice exposed to acute gamma radiation. Radiobiol. Nishibe, S. Protective effects of Acanthopanax senticosus Harms from Hokkaido and its components on gastric ulcer in restrained cold water stressed rats. Biol. pamelor

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Chiu, P. Y. and Ko, K. M. Schisandrin B protects myocardial ischemia-reperfusion injury partly by inducing Hsp25 and Hsp70 expression in rats. Mol. Do not have blood drawn from the arm on the side of the lymph node surgery. Kawasaki, H. Preventive effect of gomisin A, a lignan component of shizandra fruits, on acetaminophen-induced hepatotoxicity in rats. XELODA dosage may need to be individualized to optimize patient management. Some medications can increase sensitivity to sunlight. St. John's wort might also increase your sensitivity to sunlight. Taking St. John's wort along with medications that increase sensitivity to sunlight could increase the chances of sunburn, blistering or rashes on areas of skin exposed to sunlight. Be sure to wear sunblock and protective clothing when spending time in the sun. Federico, A. Silybin combined with phosphatidylcholine and vitamin E in patients with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease: a randomized controlled trial. Free Radic. NOLVADEX tamoxifen citrate 20 mg, respectively. Swelling of the pancreas. This may cause moderate to severe pain in the stomach. Lamlertkittikul, S. and Chandeying, V. Efficacy and safety of Pueraria mirifica Kwao Kruea Khao for the treatment of vasomotor symptoms in perimenopausal women: Phase II Study. Neven P, De Muylder X, Van Belle Y et al. Tamoxifen and the uterus and endometrium. Lancet.

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Panax ginseng Meyer and Picrorrhiza kurroa Royle. J Chromatogr. Pedersen CB, Kyle J, Jenkinson AM, et al. Effects of blueberry and cranberry juice consumption on the plasma antioxidant capacity of healthy female volunteers. Advise the female patient to discontinue nursing while taking BiCNU. In these trials, an increased number of cases of deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolus, stroke, and endometrial cancer were observed on the tamoxifen arm compared to the placebo arm. The frequency of events was consistent with the safety data observed in the NSABP P-1 trial. Bethesda, MD. 1995 Nov 30. Clinical announcement. Tamoxifen can increase your risk of stroke or blood clots. Donovan JL, DeVane CL, Chavin KD, et al. Siberian Ginseng Eleutheroccus senticosus Effects on CYP2D6 and CYP3A4 Activity in Normal Volunteers. Kubo, I. Anethole, a potential antimicrobial synergist, converts a fungistatic dodecanol to a fungicidal agent. Phytother. Heart disease. Early research suggests that injecting Siberian ginseng intravenously by IV might help reduce some risk factors for heart disease, including high cholesterol and an abnormal heart rate. Pavlidis NA, Petris C, Briassoulis E, Klouvas G, Psilas C, Rempapis J, Petroutsos G "Clear evidence that long-term, low-dose tamoxifen treatment can induce ocular toxicity. A prospective study of 63 patients. BiCNU is a drug. Follow applicable special handling and disposal procedures. It's a drug used to lower the risk of miscarriage in some cases. pantoprazole 40 mg

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Dasgupta A, Wu S, Actor J, et al. Effect of Asian and Siberian ginseng on serum digoxin measurement by five digoxin immunoassays. Significant variation in digoxin-like immunoreactivity among commercial ginsengs. When used in women with DCIS and women at high risk for breast cancer, history of DVT or pulmonary embolism. Lin, L. W. The ameliorating effect of the water layer of Fructus Schisandrae on cycloheximide-induced amnesia in rats: interaction with drugs acting at neurotransmitter receptors. Pharmacol. Nazari, A. Possible mechanisms for relaxant effects of Foeniculum vulgare on guinea pig tracheal chains. Lentzen, H. Silibinin protects against cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicity without compromising cisplatin or ifosfamide anti-tumour activity. Do not take any other medicine including vitamins, calcium, or antacids. Talk with your doctor about the best dosing schedule for your other medicines. Warfarin Coumadin is used to slow blood clotting. The body breaks down warfarin Coumadin to get rid of it. St. John's wort might increase the breakdown and decrease the effectiveness of warfarin Coumadin. Decreasing the effectiveness of warfarin Coumadin might increase the risk of clotting. Be sure to have your blood checked regularly. The dose of your warfarin Coumadin might need to be changed. Shebek J, Rindone JP. A pilot study exploring the effect of kudzu root on the drinking habits of patients with chronic alcoholism. German chamomile is POSSIBLY SAFE for adults and children when taken by mouth for short periods of time as medicine. German chamomile has also been applied to the skin of adults for short periods of time. The long-term safety of German chamomile is unknown. German chamomile can cause allergic reactions in some people. It is in the same plant family as ragweed, marigolds, daisies, and other related herbs. When applied to the skin, German chamomile can cause allergic skin reactions. When applied near the eyes, German chamomile may cause eye irritation. Abdul-Ghani, A. S. and Amin, R. The vascular action of aqueous extracts of Foeniculum vulgare leaves. J Ethnopharmacol. The name of your medicine is Nolvadex. Erdemir, T. Control of the mushroom phorid fly, Megaselia halterata Wood with plant extracts. Pest. Foeniculum vulgare var. azoricum Mill. clopidogrel purchase now pharmacy uk

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Greenblatt DJ, von Moltke LL, Perloff ES, et al. Interaction of flurbiprofen with cranberry juice, grape juice, tea, and fluconazole: in vitro and clinical studies. Enzymes convert capecitabine to 5-fluorouracil 5-FU in vivo. Dhar, S. K. Anti-fertility activity and hormonal profile of trans-anethole in rats. Nervous system side effects including adverse cognitive effects have been reported. Kaushik, S. J. Screening for oestrogenic activity of plant and food extracts using in vitro trout hepatocyte cultures. Phytochem. Jepson RG, Craig JC. A systematic review of the evidence for cranberries and blueberries in UTI prevention. Zoledronic acid can pass into breast milk and may harm a nursing baby. You should not receive Reclast if you are breast-feeding a baby. Methylphenidate Concerta, Daytrana, Metadate, Ritalin is used to treat attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder. Taking St. John's wort along with methylphenidate might decrease how well methylphenidate works. Marena C and Lampertico M. Preliminary clinical development of silipide: a new complex of silybin in toxic liver disorders. Gol'dberg, E. D. Effects of adaptogens on granulocytopoiesis during paradoxical sleep deprivation. Bull.

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Segal R, Pilote L. Warfarin interaction with Matricaria chamomilla. Lim JungDae and Choung MyoungGun. Screening of biological activities of Acanthopanax senticosus fruits extracts. Although HCG can help you become pregnant, this medication is in the FDA pregnancy category X. This means that using the medication once you are pregnant can cause birth defects in the baby. Do not use HCG if you are pregnant. Tell your doctor right away if you become pregnant during treatment. Dasgupta A. Herbal supplements and therapeutic drug monitoring: focus on digoxin immunoassays and interactions with St. John's wort. Ther Drug Monit. McGuinness SD, Krone R, and Metz LM. A double blind randomized, placebo-controlled trial of cranberry supplements in multiple sclerosis. Anise is an herb. The seed fruit and oil, and less frequently the root and leaf, are used to make medicine. Excreted principally in feces as polar conjugates. Of the patients randomized to Nolvadex, the FIGO IA and IB cases were a MMMT and sarcoma, respectively; the FIGO II was a MMMT; and the FIGO III was a sarcoma; and the one patient randomized to placebo had a MMMT. A similar increased incidence in endometrial adenocarcinoma and uterine sarcoma was observed among women receiving Nolvadex in five other NSABP clinical trials. The safety and efficacy of Nolvadex for girls aged two to 10 years with McCune-Albright Syndrome and precocious puberty have not been studied beyond one year of treatment. The long-term effects of Nolvadex therapy for girls have not been established. Burkhard PR, Burkhardt K, Haenggeli CA, Landis T. Plant-induced seizures: reappearance of an old problem. Lee YL, Owens J, Thrupp L, Cesario TC. Does cranberry juice have antibacterial activity? Lee JeongMin, Kim HyeMin, and Lee SangHyun. Quantitative analysis of chiisanoside in Acanthopanax species by HPLC. It is not known if XELODA is safe and effective in children. LH, FSH, and levels were elevated. brand name of tamoxifen in india

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They grow in response to another hormone, progesterone. Papaioannou, A. The detection and management of vaginal atrophy. J Obstet. Store at room temperature away from light and moisture. not store in the bathroom. KANEKO, K. Biogenetic studies of natural products. VIII. Biosynthesis of anethole by Foeniculum vulgare. 4. Chem. Burger O, Ofek I, Tabak M, et al. A high molecular mass constituent of cranberry juice inhibits helicobacter pylori adhesion to human gastric mucus. Fried, M. W. Differences in the disposition of silymarin between patients with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease and chronic hepatitis C. Drug Metab Dispos. St. John's wort can decrease the effects of reserpine. Kada, T. Inhibitory effects of flavourings on mutagenesis induced by chemicals in bacteria. Food Chem. Poli, G. Lipid peroxidation and irreversible damage in the rat hepatocyte model. Protection by the silybin-phospholipid complex IdB 1016. Nolvadex was even stronger, bringing the reduction in new cancers to 38% and reduction in second cancers in the opposite to 46%. Remember, keep this and all other medicines out of the reach of children, never share your medicines with others, and use Boniva only for the indication prescribed. Obtain serum creatinine prior administration of each IV injection. Cough as well as a case of exacerbation of asthma have also been reported. Nefazodone Serzone can increase a chemical in the brain. This chemical is called serotonin. St. John's wort can also increase serotonin. Taking St. John's wort with nefazodone Serzone might cause there to be too much serotonin. This could lead to serious side effects including heart problems, shivering, and restlessness. One additional randomized study NATO demonstrated improved disease-free survival for Nolvadex compared to no adjuvant therapy following total mastectomy and axillary dissection in postmenopausal women with axillary node-negative breast cancer. In this study, the benefits of Nolvadex appeared to be independent of estrogen receptor status. tamoxifen

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Martinez, B. and Staba, E. J. The physiological effects of Aralia, Panax and Eleutherococcus on exercised rats. Woo J, Lau E, Ho SC, et al. Comparison of Pueraria lobata with hormone replacement therapy in treating the adverse health consequences of menopause. Fisher B, Costantino JP, Redmond CK, Fisher ER, Wickerham DL, Cronin WM, Bowman D, Couture J, Dimitrov NV, Evans J, Farrar "Endometrial cancer in tamoxifen-treated breast cancer patients - findings from the national surgical adjuvant breast and bowel project NSABP b-14. Koopman, J. S. First-time urinary tract infection and sexual behavior. Some of these medications for depression include fluoxetine paroxetine sertraline amitriptyline Elavil clomipramine imipramine Tofranil and others. You may take letrozole with or without food. Stick to food amounts. Children: Anise is LIKELY SAFE for most children when taken by mouth in amounts typically found in foods. It is POSSIBLY SAFE when applied to the scalp in combination with other herbs, short-term. There isn't enough information available to know if anise is safe to take by mouth in medicinal amounts. Allergies: Anise might cause allergic reactions in some people who are allergic to other plants that are similar to anise. Plants that are similar to anise include asparagus, caraway, celery, coriander, cumin, dill, and fennel. Hormone-sensitive condition such as breast cancer, uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, endometriosis, or uterine fibroids: Anise might act like estrogen. Goldberg DM, Yan J, Soleas GJ. Absorption of three wine-related polyphenols in three different matrices by healthy subjects.

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This list is not complete. Other drugs may interact with ibandronate, including prescription and over-the-counter medicines, vitamins, and herbal products. Not all possible interactions are listed in this medication guide. Obsessive-compulsive disorder OCD. Early research suggests that taking milk thistle leaf extract by mouth three times daily for 8 weeks has a limited effect on OCD symptoms. It does not appear to more beneficial than conventional medication. Christie Hospital and Holt Radium Institute, Manchester. Br J Cancer. Melchior J, Palm S, Wikman G. Controlled clinical study of standardized Andrographis paniculata in common cold- a pilot trial.

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Johnson RL. Desk Reference to Nature's Medicine. National Geographic Society, 2006. If you miss a dose of anastrozole, take it as soon as possible. If it is almost time for your next dose, skip the missed dose and go back to your regular dosing schedule. Do not take 2 doses at once. F in glass container. Examine reconstituted vials for crystal formation prior to use. If crystals are observed, they may be redissolved by warming the vial to room temperature with agitation. Siberian ginseng might have an effect like a water pill or "diuretic.

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Packer, L. Protective effects of anethole dithiolethione against oxidative stress-induced cytotoxicity in human Jurkat T cells. Biochem. The effects of reduced liver function have not been determined. He QingHua, Kong XiangFeng, Hou YongQing, Yin YuLong, Yin FuGui, Liu HeJun, Li TieJun, Huang RuiLin, Yu Hai, and Gong JianHua. Effects of Chinese herbal ultra-fine powder as a dietary additive on gut microbiota in early-weaned piglets. Chiang, H. M. Comparison of Puerariae Radix and its hydrolysate on stimulation of hyaluronic acid production in NHEK cells.

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St. John's wort can affect a brain chemical called serotonin. Dextromethorphan Robitussin DM, others can also affect serotonin. Taking St. John's wort along with dextromethorphan Robitussin DM, others might cause too much serotonin in the brain and serious side effects including heart problems, shivering, and anxiety. Ciprofloxacin Cipro is an antibiotic. Fennel might decrease how much ciprofloxacin Cipro the body absorbs. Taking fennel along with ciprofloxacin Cipro might decrease the effectiveness of ciprofloxacin Cipro. To avoid this interaction take fennel at least one hour after ciprofloxacin Cipro.

Vogel VG, Saenz M. Tamoxifen for the prevention of breast cancer: yes. In: DeVita VT, Hellman S, Rosenberg SA, eds. Important advances in oncology. Zheng, Q. T. Micrandilactone A: a novel triterpene from Schisandra micrantha. Org. Fisher B, Costantino J, Redmond C et al. A randomized clinical trial evaluating tamoxifen in the treatment of patients with node-negative breast cancer who have estrogen-receptor-positive tumors. N Engl J Med. Freedman ND, Curto TM, Morishima C, et al. Silymarin use and liver disease progression in the hepatitis C Antiviral Long-Term Treatment against Cirrhosis Trial. Use this medicine only as directed by your doctor. Do not use more or less of it, and do not use it more often than your doctor ordered. The exact amount of medicine you need has been carefully worked out. Taking too much may increase the chance of side effects, while taking too little may not improve your condition. clavaseptin

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